Training in the park -EAP-


Social project of training for the initiation to basketball for young people (boys and girls) between 14 and 18 years derived from different youth entities, social services, family reunification and young people who come on their own initiative.

EAP has been operating for 7 years, since 5 with the support of district Sants-Montjuïc, Fab casa del Mig y neighborhood educators APC.

Currently EAP is divided into two groups, the youth under the age of 18 or the initiation group and the group EAP+18, which is the group where the best technique, physical and mental of the participants is worked, where the demands are higher, but always starting from that it is about having a good time.

Our intention is to provide opportunities for young people to play sport for free, in a relaxed, carefree environment and to promote values as important as companionship; in addition to promoting the practice of basketball as a tool for social inclusion, SBS as a representation of urban culture in all its expression.

How and where do I report?

Sending an email to: and will send you all the information required or through our social networks.
Objectives and evolution of the project:

  • Continued participation of young people in training.
  • Continue to enhance the participation of girls.
  • realization of alternative workshops sports, although related to urban culture and in collaboration with other entities.
  • Open the project to other districts of the city, as well as to other institutions that work with young people and offer them other sporting leisure opportunities.
  • Conduct training in collaboration with other entities and coaches.
  • Invite professionals and give talks to young people. (healthy living, coaching, etc.)
  • Activities off the slopes of Sants.

Days of training:

Group EAP (14 years to 18 years): Monday from 17:30h to 19:30h and Wednesday from 17:30h to 19:30h.

  • Coach: Celia Fernandez (Instagram: @cels.fdz)
  • Coach: Paula Fernandez (Instagram: @pulposneakers)

Group EAP+18 (>18 años): Monday and Wednesday from 09:30h to 11:00h and 15:30h to 17h.

  • Coach Alex Femenia (Intagram: @alexfemenia)

Place: España Industrial Park


Training the park isn’t just a workout, it’s not a place to hang out. It is a meeting point of cultures where basketball promotes values such as tolerance and empathy.


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